New cairo wiki available, please help!

I'm happy to announce that we've just gone live with a new cairo wiki at:

This is an ikiwiki-based wiki that replaces the MoinMoin-based wiki that was lost a couple of months ago, (it also replaces the static- HTML placeholder we had in place in the interim). Here are some of the benefits of the new setup:

We encourage anybody to start editing the website to improve it. Add your tips and tricks, things you've learned about cairo, and things you're confused about. I'd also be glad to have people contribute larger scale reorganizations and cleanups. The wiki requires only the most painless registration step imaginable, and then allows web-based editing by anyone willing to go through that registration step.

Now that we've got this new wiki in place, here are some projects that I would like to see happen:

If you (like me) would rather not ever use a web form for editing web content, then you can get the cairo wiki source via git through one of the following URLs:



where the second requires a account, but allows users in the cairo group to push changes out via git.

Recently, there have been a lot of very useful things floating by on the mailing list, and I'd love

You may notice that the look and feel of the website has changed. That's partly just to be different and partly to help indicate that things have changed. If you find the new look tacky, you can blame my utter lack of web-design talent and you may consider this an invitation to help fix things. One huge benefit compared to our MoinMoin setup is that we now have much easier mechanisms for controlling templates, etc. and everything is done in a much cleaner fashion, (semantic HTML with CSS styling, etc.). For example, the navigation bar at the top of each page is really nothing more than an unordered list as far as the HTML is concerned, then it's styled with CSS to have the horizontal look.

Currently, changes to the cairo website will be mailed out to the cairo-commit mailing list. The wiki is supposed to have its own mechanism for subscribing for notifications to specific pages, but it doesn't seem to be working yet.

Finally, I'd like to extend thanks to Joey Hess for writing ikiwiki and for being very receptive with questions from me, (and accepting a few patches as well), as I put this together.